Rural Development | Food security |Nutrition

  • More than 100 training courses in several areas as agriculture, natural resources management and income generating activities were held for families of Matutuine, Mozambique, since 2003
  • At Communitary Development Centre of Djabula (Mozambique) were created workshops for the production of recycled paper and vegetable fibers, natural dyeing of fabrics and production of malakate tea
  • Demonstration fields and continuous agricultural trials with various crops and varieties were developed at the Community Development Center of Djabula (Mozambique).
  • New crops such as Orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) have been introduced with extremely poor areas that experience severe famine. According to an assessment impact by NOVAFRICA of our OFSP course to women farmers, this nutrition-related intervention led to relevant gains in the anthropometric indicators of the pre-school children of mothers in the sample (NOVAFRICA, 2015).
  • The reintroduction of animals into the community makes people feel confident about the future and believing that their lives can improve significantly. In order to do it, two livestock development groups were formed composed by 14 families who were given cattle that should be managed autonomously and jointly