Get involved

Making part of our work is a responsable action through who can contribute to give opportunities to those who don’t have them.

It means taking part as an active and importante role in a life story, in a construction proccess of the future, where hope becomes more attainable to the poorer populations of our world.

VIDA needs you to help providing the effective solutions to the real needs of the communities we work with!


Decide what you want to offer today and help us to built new life stories:

  • Bank check: Adressed to VIDA and send to Rua António Nobre, 1-D, 4º direito, 2800-260 Almada, Portugal
  • Bank transfer to our bank account Millennium BCP throught the IBAN VIDA: PT50 0033 0000 0000 9574 2890 5
  • Bank deposit to our bank account Millennium BCP: VIDA no. 9574289

Send us your personal information (name and last name, contact/e-mail, fiscal number) by e-mail ( or to our adress (Rua António Nobre, 1-D, 4º direito, 2800-260 Almada, Portugal)

You will receive a receipt deductible for tax purposes under the Patronage Law (Decree-Law 74/99 of March 16)


The private donors who want to contribute for our cause will receive:

  • A receipt deductible for tax purposes
  • All the documentation and institutional communication produced related the project or the work of VIDA will have the corporate image of its donors. Visibility does not only benefit the partners or the NGO, it is also a way of motivating the institution’s employees to a common cause, serving as an example to other entities and alerting them to the need and impact of a greater involvement with the society.

Further information, please contact:
Rua António Nobre, 1-D, 4º direito, 2800-260 Almada – Portugal
(+351) 213 433 022  |



Schools have an essential role in Development Education. See how to be an active educator at For more information, contact us!

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