About Us

Our Mission, Strategy and Beliefs

Founded in 1992 in the public interest, VIDA is a Portuguese non-profit NGO, registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (number 8296/98).

The purpose of VIDA is to aid communities in developing their competencies and skills along with the full potential of their land, providing sustainable and fair human development.

Our aim is to actively take part in the process of constructing a future where hope, access to basic care and a better quality of life become more attainable to the poorer populations of our world.

Through 25 years of field experience and knowledge, our mission and commitment is to create, propose and implement projects geared towards answering to the more pressing needs of the communities and populations with which it works.

It is with this ‘know-how’ that VIDA continues to build its network of partners and donors, providing solutions to these needs and creating real living conditions through local agents. Implementing an extensive methodology, VIDA’s intention is always that the interventions be sustainable in both time and space, aiding communities and attributing value to their natural resources.


Live and work with the poorest communities, helping  people develop their capacities and local resources potentials, in order to build human histories and paths that release from extreme poverty and  misery.


Interventions are only justified as solutions to real situations. Through the identification of the communities’ immediate needs, VIDA proposes precise and relevant answers to the points in hand, including the esteem and dignity which each person or community requires in order to live by the skills they possess.

Our implementation methodology is based on the empowerment of the existing agents. This process introduces the necessary means to maintain the quality of the services, the local competency of the community management and the conclusion of projects.


Each and every person and community represents a richness from which spring pathways towards the appreciation and understanding of their own value and dignity, allowing for a responsible and personal response.

The subject of our development is always the ‘person’; unique, unparalleled and exceptional.

Professional competency is a principal and fundamental requirement, though not singularly exclusive: the attention of our hearts is a crucial catalyst for the proliferation of the richness of humanity.

VIDA’s objective is to embody a responsible role in the improvement of the living conditions of people and communities, and not as a mere provider of resources.

Responsibility can only be truly ‘lived’ if it remains permanent in time, or more succinctly if it is, in fact, ‘lived’.

Coordination Team


Health Coordinator and representative of VIDA in Guinea Bissau


Coordinator of “Estratégia para a aceleração da redução da saúde materna, neonatal e infantojuvenil na Guiné-Bissau – Setor Autónomo de Bissau” [Guinea Bissau]


Coordinator of “Tabanka ku Saudi II” – region of Biombo [Guinea Bissau]


Representative of VIDA in Mozambique and project’s coordinator


Coordinator of “Reforço da capacidade institucional e operacional da direção de Serviço da Saúde Comunitária” [Guinea Bissau]


Coordinator of “Tabanka ku Saudi II” – region of Cacheu [Guinea Bissau]