Habitation and infrastructures

Habitation is a basic need for every human being’s life. Many families live in an extreme poverty situation, which don’t allow them to have a home – a simple house with a floor, walls and a ceiling – a place where families can live their daily lives in private, being safe from dangerous animals and uncontrollable climatic factors.

Beyond the families habitation, our projects have covered, along the years, the construction and rehabilitation of healthcare infrastructures (as communitarian Health Units, and the Houses of Mothers in Guinea Bissau), education (such as the Djabula Primary School) and rural development (as the community  Development Centre at Djabula village).


Between 2004 and 2005, the primary school of Ncassani was one of the infrastructures VIDA has built to serve the children of this rural and isolated village within Matutuine, a district of Mozambique. Nowadays it keeps being a space for learning and playing for 75 children! Justino is one of the beneficiaries of this project.